Sales Conditions

1.1 This agreement ("Agreement") is a distance contract pursuant to art. 50 et seq. Of Legislative Decree no. 6 September 2005, n. 206 ("Consumer Code"). The Contract for the sale of goods between F.P. Lingerie Srls, headquartered in Napoli Via Caldieri,127  P.I. 08576961216 ("F.P. Lingerie Srls") and the consumer ( "Customer"). The Contract is entered directly through the acceptance by F.P. Lingerie Srls of a purchase proposal issued by the Customer by telephone or via the Internet, following the invitation to offer content in teleshopping broadcasts, the website F.P. Lingerie Srls (the "Site") and / or through other distance selling of F.P. Lingerie Srls, based on the procedures described in Article 3 mode.

2.1 - The selling prices of the products shown on the Parmeggiani Federica Lingerie Site are inclusive of VAT and all other taxes. The delivery costs are not included in the price shown on the site.

3.1 - The customer will be allowed to choose one of the following methods of payment: (a) through any other means of payment from time to time indicated as valid by F.P. Lingerie Srls via transmissions on the Site.

4.1 - F.P. Lingerie Srls deliver the products to the address specified by the customer in times ranging from a minimum of 10 days (working) to a maximum of 14 (working) days from the conclusion of the Contract. Delivery times vary depending on the model purchased. 4.2 - Any complaints will be forwarded to the following address: F.P. Lingerie Srls, Via Caldieri, 127 - 80128 Napoli.

5.1 - F.P. Lingerie Srls accepts the customer's orders and realizes the product after receiving the order. Therefore, the acceptance by F.P. Lingerie Srls of the purchase proposal submitted by the Customer is subject to the availability of the raw materials of the products themselves. F.P. Lingerie Srls undertakes to promptly notify the Customer of any unforeseeable stock depletion due to excess demand or other causes.

6.1 - For products purchased by the customer they are applicable to F.P. Lingerie Srls rules on guarantees and assistance regarding the sale of consumer goods.

7.1 - Customer represents and warrants that: (i) to be a consumer in accordance with art. 3 of the Consumer Code; (Ii) to be of age; (Iii) that the data supplied by the same for implementation of the Agreement are true and correct.8. RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL n ° 206/2005

8. RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL n ° 206/2005

8.1 - The Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract, within 14 working days from receipt of the products. The Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal, within the aforementioned deadline, expressing it by telephone or by means of a written communication at the headquarters of F.P. Lingerie Srls referred to in art. 4, to be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by telegram, telex, e-mail or fax. The Customer can exercise the right of withdrawal only in the event that the products are damaged or not in conformity with the description. For reasons of hygiene it is not possible to return thong and body briefs.

88.2 - The customer who intends to make use of the right of withdrawal must return the products to the address, F.P. Lingerie Srls Via Caldieri, 127 - 80128 - Naples, following the instructions contained therein, within 14 days of receipt of the products.

8.3 - F.P. Lingerie Srls does not have a storage production, but makes the items by hand following receipt of the order made by the customer; every single product is made according to the parameters indicated by the same, including a possible request for specific measures for the creation of more complex items. As a result, no garment will ever be perfectly identical to another as a sign of craftsmanship.F.P. Lingerie Srls does not have a production of stocchaggio but makes the garments handmade following receipt of the order made by the customer; every single product is made according to the parameters indicated by the same, including a possible request for specific measures for the creation of more complex items. As a result, no garment will ever be perfectly identical to another as a sign of craftsmanship.

8.4 - In the case in which the product presents evident errors of production the customer has the right to the return. F.P. Lingerie Srls will provide for a possible repair or replacement of the product, in the event that it is not possible, the customer is entitled to partial or total reimbursement of the order. The amount to be reimbursed could be reduced due to improper use of the product, which would not have been allowed in a store. The refund will be made as soon as possible. In particular, it will be carried out within 30 days from the moment we receive the product you have returned or, if earlier, from the day on which you will be able to prove the shipment for return. We advise you to keep proof of the sending of the products. Each case will be evaluated individually.


pursuant to and for the effects of Art. 13 of the New European Regulation 2016/279 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (GENERAL REGULATIONS FOR DATA PROTECTION - GDPR)

As required by the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data of the European Union (GDPR 2016/679, Article 13), before proceeding with processing, the interested party (user of the website is informed that personal data This article was translated from:

Data protection is of utmost importance for Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie and wants to guarantee maximum openness and transparency to personal data. For this reason, this document describes how the personal data of users are processed and protected.

The company F.P. Lingerie Srl, is responsible for online data, in accordance with the law on data protection.

F.P. Lingerie Srls

Via Caldieri, 127 - 80128 - Naples.

Sole Director Federica Parmeggiani
VAT 08576961216

The data we collect from users are stored within the European Economic Area ("EEA") but may be transferred and processed in a country outside the EEA. Any transfer of personal data will be managed in accordance with applicable laws. Federica Parmeggiani International languages ​​the standard contractual clauses and the Privacy Shield as an adequate guarantee by the European Commission.

No one can access your data outside the documents of the F.P. Lingerie Srls

Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie does not transfer, sell or exchange the personal data of users with third parties for marketing purposes. Data submitted to third parties are used only to provide our services to you. The categories of subjects for each type of processing are shown below.

Right of access:
The user has the right to request information about his personal data in our possession at any time. The user can contact Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie, who will provide all personal data by e-mail.

Portability right:
Whenever Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie processes the user's personal data by automated means based on the user's consent, or on the basis of an agreement, the user has the right to obtain a copy of the data transferred to the user or to another subject, in a commonly used format, in a structured and electronically readable form. This includes only the personal data sent to us by the user.

Right of rectification:
The user has the right to request the correction of personal data if it is not correct, including the right to request the completion of incomplete personal data.
If the user has an account on the website, he can change his personal data by accessing the account.

Cancellation right:
The user has the right to cancel any personal data processed by Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie at any time, except for the following situations:

* there is an open position with Customer Service
* the user has an open order that has not yet been shipped, or has been sent only partially
* the user has an open debit with Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie, regardless of the payment method
* the user is suspected of, or has used our services fraudulently in the last four years
* the user's debt has been sold to third parties in the last three years or one year, in case of death of the customer.
* a request for credit has been sent in the last three months which has been rejected
* for any purchase made, we will retain your personal data relating to the transaction, in accordance with accounting rules

User's right to object to the processing of data based on legitimate interests:
The user has the right to object to the processing of personal data based on the legitimate interest of Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie. Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie will not continue to process personal data unless it is able to demonstrate a legitimate basis for processing, which will override the user's interests and rights or for legal reasons.

User's right to oppose direct marketing:
The user has the right to oppose direct marketing, including profiling for direct marketing.

The user can choose not to accept direct marketing with the following means:
* by following the instructions in each marketing email
* setting up the account

Right of restriction:
The user has the right to request that Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie limits processing of personal data in the following circumstances:
* if the user opposes the treatment of Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie based on a legitimate interest, Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie will limit all processing of such data until the moment of the verification of legitimate interest.
* if the user declares that the personal data are not correct, Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie must limit all processing of such data until the verification of their accuracy.
* if the processing is not legitimate it is possible to oppose the cancellation of personal data and instead request a restriction on their use.
* if Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie no longer needs personal data but they are necessary for the user to set up a legal defense

Data protection is very important for us. For this reason we have dedicated staff at our Customer Service, able to handle requests regarding the user rights listed above. You can contact them at

Data Protection Officer:
We have appointed a Data Protection Officer to ensure we always handle your data in an open, accurate and in accordance with the regulations in force. You can contact our Data Protection Officer at indicating DPO in the subject.

Right to complaint with a competent supervisory authority:
If the user believes that Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie treats personal data incorrectly, he can contact us. Furthermore, the user has the right to file a complaint with a competent supervisory authority.

Updates to our Privacy Notice:
Updates to our Privacy Statement may be required. The most recent version of the information is always available on our website. Users will be informed of any material changes to the Privacy Policy, for example the purpose of processing personal data, the identity of the Owner or the rights of users.

10.1 - The Agreement is governed by Italian law. Any dispute regarding the application, execution, interpretation and breach of contract will be competence of the Court of Naples. Payment methods
Payment methods available:
A Paypal
B Credit Card

In case of late payment will be charged default interest. F.P. Lingerie Srls reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to demand prepayment.

Major force
In any case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, F.P. Lingerie Srls does not consider itself responsible for the delay or non-delivery and reserves the right to terminate all or part of the contract, suspend or postpone the execution.

Communicate with F.P. Lingerie Srls
You can always call us at (temporarily unavailable) will answer our operators that will help you solve any problem and that will give you all the information you need.
For communications, reports and suggestions you can also use the e-mail address:
Will be answered in a short time.

Information on the use of cookies

Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie, as well as many other sites, use cookies and similar technologies to ensure the proper functioning of procedures and improve the experience of using online applications. This document provides detailed information on the use of cookies and similar technologies.


Cookies are short fragments of text (letters and / or numbers) that allow the web server to store on the client (the browser) information to be reused during the same visit to the site (session cookies) or later, even after days (persistent cookies). Cookies are stored, according to user preferences, by the single browser on the specific device used (computer, tablet, smartphone).

Types of COOKIES

Based on the characteristics and use of cookies we can distinguish different categories:

Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our site and are used to manage the login and access to the reserved functions of the site. The duration of cookies is strictly limited to the work session (when the browser is closed they are deleted), with the exception of our site where we use cookies with a longer duration (expiring 30 days) to recognize, for this limited period, the computer visitor - through an alpha-numeric code generated at the first access session - in order to reproduce the result of the test performed by the user. Their deactivation compromises the use of services accessible by login. The public part of the AlmaLaurea sites remains normally usable.
Analysis and performance cookies. These cookies are used to collect and analyze the traffic and use of the site anonymously. These cookies, even without identifying the user, allow, for example, to detect if the same user returns to connect at different times. They also allow you to monitor the system and improve its performance and usability. The deactivation of these cookies can be performed without any loss of functionality.
Profiling cookies. These are permanent cookies used to identify (anonymously or not) user preferences and improve their browsing experience. The AlmaLaurea sites do not use cookies of this type.
Third-party cookies

By visiting a website you may receive cookies from both the visited site ("owners") and from sites managed by other organizations ("third parties"). A notable example is the presence of "social plugins" for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. These are parts of the page visited generated directly by the aforementioned sites and integrated into the page of the host site. The most common use of social plugins is aimed at sharing content on social networks. The presence of these plugins involves the transmission of cookies to and from all sites managed by third parties. The management of information collected by "third parties" is governed by the relevant information to which reference is made. To ensure greater transparency and convenience, the following are the web addresses of the various information and how to manage cookies.

Facebook information:

Facebook (configuration): log in to your account. Privacy section.

Twitter information:

Twitter (configuration):

Informative Linkedin:

Linkedin (configuration):

Google+ information:

Google+ (configuration):

Google Analytics cookies

Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie also includes certain components transmitted by Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). Also in this case these are third-party cookies collected and managed anonymously to monitor and improve the performance of the host site (performance cookies). Google Analytics uses "cookies" to collect and anonymously analyze information on the use of the website (including the user's IP address). This information is collected by Google Analytics, which processes it in order to draw up reports for Federica Parmeggiani Lingerie operators regarding the activities on the websites themselves. The user can selectively disable the action of Google Analytics by installing on his browser the opt-out component provided by Google. To disable the action of Google Analytics, please refer to the link below:

Duration of cookies

Some cookies (session cookies) remain active only until the browser is closed or when the logout command is executed. Other cookies "survive" when the browser is closed and are also available in subsequent visits by the user. These cookies are called persistent and their duration is fixed by the server when they are created. In some cases a deadline is set, in other cases the duration is unlimited.

Cookie management

The user can decide whether or not to accept cookies using the settings of his browser. Attention: the total or partial disabling of technical cookies can compromise the use of site features reserved for registered users. On the contrary, the usability of public content is also possible by completely disabling cookies. Disabling "third party" cookies does not in any way affect the navigability. The setting can be defined specifically for different websites and web applications. In addition, the best browsers allow you to define different settings for cookies "owners" and those of "third parties". As an example, in Firefox, through the menu Tools-> Options -> Privacy, you can access a control panel where you can define whether or not to accept the different types of cookies and proceed with their removal.



Internet Explorer:




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